The Leadership Journey Of Ronda Harlan

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Introduction to a Leadership Journey This paper outlines the leadership journey of Ronda Harlan; an Organizational Leadership student, at Colorado State University (CSU) and how the CSU Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program helped Ronda to evaluate human behavior within organizations to understand ethical practices, effective leadership, organizational communication, and cogent decision-making principles. Ronda Harlan reflects how the master’s program at CSU aligned with her learning experience and chronicles the evolution of leadership learned, practiced and forward. Ronda Harlan demonstrates skills for effective strategy development within an organization, organizational communication, the ability to create and sustain lifelong learning to promote a cohesive culture within an organization, and analyzes integrative theories of leadership within personal and professional contexts. This paper assesses current challenges of organizational leadership in historical and current contexts, evaluates human behavior within an organization, and evaluates ethical practices and decision-making skills. Effective leaders analyze how individuals and groups interact within an organization, understand that there is not just one leadership theory that is effective for all situations, and understand the importance of developing life-long strategies that will support stakeholders and enhance organizational capacity. Leadership Learned Ronda Harlan’s growth and

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