The Leadership Model : Inclusive Leadership And Organizational Culture Among A Diverse Global Group Of Employees

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Ethical Leadership Models
Research has shown inclusive leadership is based on leadership that is ethical and all-encompassing driven by the leaders desire to honestly connect to subordinates. Ethical leaders such as Authentic, Servant, and Strategic understand the importance of all subordinates regardless of race, creed, color or national origin play an equally important role in the strategic organizational plan. Such traits allow leaders to effectively engage with subordinates of a wide variety of cultural, demographic, and social constrictions. This assignment will address the role of inclusive leadership in strengthening the organizational culture among a diverse global group of employees. The organization is planting business operations in Greece, Singapore, Germany, and Iran and will be hiring employees from these diverse nations to work along with staff from the United States. The researcher has been hired as a consultant to bring the group of workers together and is tasked with synergizing the multicultural group into a cohesive group of high- performance workers.
Traits of Inclusive Leadership According to Korsakiene & Diskiene (2015) traits are the distinguishing factors that differentiate inclusive leaders from their peers, in leadership theory. There have been six major traits identifies of which an inclusive leader possess. The following traits differentiate inclusive leaders from other types of leadership in a domestic or multinational organization. Each of the
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