The Leadership Objectives And Needs Of The West Texas Fire

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The leadership objectives and needs of the West Texas Fire Department (WTFD) differ from those of the West Fertilizer Company (WFC). For the WFC, the goal is not based upon employees performing beyond their own expectations; thus, they are provided a structured environment in which they are evaluated on the ability to perform assigned tasks. No more, or no less. In emergency response, firefighters will always be challenged to go above and beyond the call of duty. Because of the challenge to constantly increase firefighter performance, the WTFD should implement a transformational leadership plan. A transformation leader is one who stimulates and inspires subordinates to achieve extraordinary outcomes (Robbins and Coulter, 2007). This…show more content…
Individualized consideration involves the process of identifying and supporting the needs of subordinates (Alyn, n.d.). In addition to organizational goals, leaders seek to help followers meet individual goals (Alyn, n.d.). Intellectual stimulation encourages followers to challenge processes and the status quo (Alyn, n.d.). They are equipped to do this through training and other tools required through the problem-solving process (Alyn, n.d.). This empowers the individual to make decisions on their own. This skill is particularly important for firefighters who may not have the luxury to turn to a leader during critical moments of incident response. Lastly, inspirational motivation is the degree to which a leader articulates a vision that is appealing to subordinates and inspires them in a positive way about future goals, and tasks (Ifeanyi and Odumeru, 2013). One major deficiency of the WTFD is the lack of expertise within the department. West firefighters arrived at the WFC incident without being equipped with the knowledge or skills to make sound decisions. As part of intellectual stimulation, the very first thing the WTFD leadership should implement is training. Training should not be confined to a single aspect of emergency response, as firefighters will face a variety of situations. That said, initial training should encompass the hazards of the local community given its neglect (to include

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