The Leadership Of A Healthcare Administrator

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Within many companies and businesses there are often huge dilemmas with the leadership aspect of the organization. This skill of leadership should be found among managers who have to rely messages and to lead individuals in the right direction. Communication problems, organizational management concerns, and motivational issues are among the few that arise due to the lack of professionalism. (Core Competencies for a Healthcare Administrator, 2016) One company in particular that influenced my outlook on how to be a competent and an efficient employee was the Spine Institute. Along with completing tasks and being an overall successful company, there were also a lot of components that caused issues and problems within the workplace. Most healthcare employees are trained professionals who are capable of managing a healthcare organization, providing proper patient care and even maintaining professionalism when no one is looking. (Elevate Admins, 2016) In order for a healthcare business to be successful, all healthcare employees need to acquire and need to apply proper communication skills, necessary organizational management skills, and must be able to motivate their employees and each other at all times in order to be an exceptional leader.
The Spine Institute was not a bad place to be employed at, but they did have several problems and/or conflicts that could have been solved and prevented if the correct knowledge and corrective measures were applied. Being a manager
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