The Leadership Of A Servant Leader

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Introduction: There are many ways that a person can lead. Some lead in an organization that creates entertainment. Others may lead in a small household that provides services. In Boeing, sound processes need to be put in place for an organization to be successful. Furthermore, organization justice needs to be employed and a suitable mission statement adopted to signify the organizational goal. However, the success of the organization amplifies when a servant leader is leading. A servant leader not only understands the importance of the process in an organization, but also understand that the people in the organization are what drives the organizational success. The servant leader understands that organizational behavior influences…show more content…
It is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliner and defense, space and security systems. The management of the company has many bright and intelligent individual. It is also widely known that the Boeing Company carries a solid fundamental Theory X approach to doing business in the aerospace industry. The extreme emphasis on process was from the influence of William Edwards Deming where quality results are measured by productivity. Although it is widely successful, there is room for additional improvements.
According to Jerald Greenberg (Greenberg 2013) that learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior occurring as a result of experience (p.84). For Boeing Company to take the organization to the next level, it’ll need to adapt the Theory Y approach in dealing with individuals. In addition, leaders at the helm of the perennially great companies all share a common trait called humility (Lennick et al, p.19). It is from this unique trait that improves employee’s work-related attitudes. Furthermore, the organization commitment to the employees garner their trust and elevate their relational contracts to the company. It is important for an organization to build a better long lasting culture. A culture that emphasizes on developing moral skills. There has been an increasing number of organization realizing the performance benefits of emotional intelligence (Lennick
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