The Leadership Of A Virtual Environment

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Leading in an environment where there has been no designated leader, and the group is made up of strangers can be difficult. Leading in a virtual environment can take that level of difficulty to an astronomical level. Yet, within Group 1 there was not only leadership, but it was the type of leadership Kotter (2001) describes as 21-century leadership, in which one does not dictate from on high but collaborates instead. Group 1’s overwhelming characteristic was collaboration, and because of that different styles of leadership emerged throughout.
Early in the project’s development Renee sent out an email trying to get people engaged in the idea of picking a leader. This prompted our first opportunity at collaboration, as all members had
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The meetings after the interview showed a shift in leadership, opening it up, with more than one person taking control of individual meetings. As each member of the group came into their own as a leader, finding the situation in which they felt most comfortable leading, the other members stepped aside and became followers again allowing the group to benefit from many different leadership styles.
Finally, creating the project and finalizing it showed another aspect to leadership. There were some difficulties and miscommunications within the group. This created an instance where a group of diverse leaders had to come together and create an environment of openness and forgiveness, rather than pointing fingers. Leadership Within The Group
Kristin’s role in Group 1 fell into initiating and encouraging (Oclott, 2016). She began the task of establishing the team by creating a virtual work area for all members to access and initiating the first meeting, thus creating an environment of trust (Malhotra, Majchrzak, & Rosen, 2007). In addition, Kristin’s dedication to communicating with outside entities guaranteed the group looked professional and organized. She was the point of contact for Dr. Wagner, and was responsible for finding a date all were available. She decided the format of the interview, and really became the voice of the group for our distance
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