The Leadership Of Change : General Motors And Chrysler

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The Leadership of Change Today’s society is evolving around us every minute. Technology is constantly changing, and the business world must adapt to these changes in order to keep up with the current demand. These changes can be very difficult because change is a very slow process that many people do not particularly like. Nevertheless, it is very important to work through these changes. Although some people would argue that change is bad, I personally think that there are many ways in order to adapt and be successful in our modern work environment. There are numerous agencies, businesses, and governments around the world that have struggled with change is the work place. Many of them resist change and end up in serious financial…show more content…
The department has experienced reduced staffing, and the closing of a station, but still operate the way they always have (Glass). This is one of the biggest problems, not only in the fire service, but among many organizations, is that they do things that way because they always have. They are not adapting to the ever changing society and economy. Implementing change is a large process that needs to be done in a specific way. Making changes creates new ways of doing things, and causes people to learn different ways to perform their jobs. This is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Organizations need to start by rethinking themselves, and set goals that they want to achieve. This will give them a new way of looking at what they are currently doing. The easiest way to implement this process is having a change in the leadership at the top. New leadership will often give an organization new personality and skill set to start the process of adapting to the times. In the fire service, this would mean a new chief that would have a new idea of running the fire department, and could save money and resources by running it more efficiently. Any new leadership must realize that the future of an organization my not mirror what was done in the past (Bruegman 76). A new change will require a well devised plan, and implementation process. Professor J. P. Kotter devised an eight step process to implement major change effectively in the workplace. He

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