The Leadership Of IKEA

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IKEA understands the value of its employee and is always focuses on developing the strategy to create satisfied and committed workforce who in return contributes to the wellbeing and future success of company. The two main factors, in this case for IKEA, for leading in management would be Leadership and Motivation.
Leadership: “A good Leader inspires Employees, Boost Morale and Encourages Effective Communication Among Employees. Excellent Leadership Can Even Increase. The Organisation’s Income”. This s something that is extremely important in managing a business, a good leader can produce good employees therefore more productivity in the workplace. For IKEA leadership style, the first is autocracy. Which is where a managers set goals, allocates staff with tasks and encourages obedience. This will reflect on the opinion and personality of
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It’s important to have motivated workforce, so it can enhance productivity of company. IKEA makes sure to understand its staffs and wat motivates them. Besides satisfying their basic salary needs, IKEA ensures that job security is assured for each worker by valuing all workers and creating this sense of belonging n the company. Each worker has equal opportunities for promotion and career advancement. Motivation is also important between staffs themselves and with IKEAs friendly working environment has helped improve working relationships in every individual staff. Each human has different needs in their lives, so knowing what they desire is important to management. It can be associated with Maslow’s Hierarchy Motivation Theory (Griffin, R. (2014) Fundamentals of Management (7th Edition, pg.15) stating “people are motivated by a hierarchy of needs, including monetary incentives and social acceptance”. There are no best motivations method, however, motivation is based on individuals or the
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