The Leadership Of Leadership And Leadership

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In order to better understand the ideals of leadership, I met with two respected and admired school leaders: the Assistant Principal/Dean of Curriculum, and the Athletic Director. I chose these two school leaders because I wanted to gain an understanding of leadership from two diverse perspectives. I am thankful for the opportunity to hear from two different types of leaders, who ultimately share a lot of the same visions for my school and for leadership in general. While both subjects shared a similar definition of leadership, their styles are quite different. Mr. Doty believes that leadership is all about motivation and instilling a sense of belonging, Dr. Muñoz holds to the ideal that to be a good leader means one should be willing to work alongside those they are leading. However, both used the phrase “lead by example” more than once.
Although the athletic director has never been in a principal position, he works alongside principals on a regular basis, and seems to have strong opinions on what the attributes of a good principal should be. He believes the number one thing is to be able to instill confidence and self-motivation in whomever they are leading. Dr. Muñoz has been a principal for over 10 years, and believes building relationships and being a good communicator are the key attributes of an aspiring principal. She believes that “you have to be able to gain the trust of those you are trying to lead before you can truly earn their respect.” I certainly agree with
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