The Leadership Of Steve Ballmer

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Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Industry Analysis 5
Recourses and Capabilities 6
The sources of Competitive Advantages 7
Customer Intimacy 7
Operational Efficiency 8
User Friendly Products 8
System Lock-in Strategy 8
Acquisition and Mergers 9
Decision Making Process in Microsoft 9
Evolution of Organizational Framework 10
Reasons for Microsoft Decline in Last 10 years 11
Unsuccessful Windows Phones 11
Failure of Window Vista 11
No Real Innovation 12
Missed Key Opportunities in Market 12
Overseen Dismissal Product release 12
Microsoft Could Not Compete 12
Horrible Investments without Success 12
Takeover of Nokia’s Mobile Phone Unit 13
Transformation from the Software to Digital Company 13
Advantages of Nokia Deal 14
Rapidly Growing
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The company will get many advantages through this recent deal.

Microsoft Corporation is the leading software company in the world which started its operations in the beginning of year 1975. The company was started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen which became global brand in the world. Steve Ballmer became a part of Microsoft in 1980 and served on different levels in the organization. Stave Ballmer was appraised on the global level due to his superior capabilities. Therefore, he was considered as the best replacement of Bill Gates by the Board of Directors. So, he was selected as the CEO of Microsoft in 2000 through voting of directors. He was passionate about the gaming market therefore he worked out on this thing and released Xbox in 2001. Microsoft entered in the Gaming industry as well through this release and became major competitor with the passage of time (Campbell-Kelly, 2001). Apple was the key competitors of Microsoft in this industry but it entered in the digital industry and enhanced its market share through the introduction of innovative iPhone and Ipad.
Unfortunately, Microsoft could not work out on this factor so early therefore it entered in this industry in 2010 while it launched first window phone for its customers (Hulten, 2010). The window phone could not attract its customers and failed to compete with Apple and Android operation systems. The report would focus on the industry analysis of Microsoft while
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