The Leadership Of The Air Force

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When I envision a leader, I imagine someone with a high level of emotional intelligence, strong influential power and a devoted interest in their work and the welfare of their followers. Throughout my short career in the Air Force I have worked under many managers, but seldom have I had the opportunity to experience true leadership. The following individuals have been the most influential leaders and have helped me understand first hand, the difference between leading and managing: section chief-Derrick Drennan, functional manager-Jonathan Cortez, and my initial supervisor-Celina Hendrickson. Derrick Drennan has been one of the most influential leaders I have worked under since I started my career in the military. There are many characteristics of a great leader and it seems as though he possesses each one. To this day, I have yet to cross paths with someone as influential and highly skilled as this individual. He was the type of leader who could develop a relationship with a variety of personality types; he had the ability to find common ground with people from all walks of life. Part of his influential power came from the fact that his followers felt like they could approach him with their struggles, worries, and questions- they saw him as a mentor who gave them advice without judgement. He devoted himself to the welfare of his constituents and supported them in more ways than one. His support and transparency allowed him to to establish a strong
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