The Leadership Of The Healthcare Industry

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Introduction to leader:
In the healthcare industry, there are two types of leader. First is the governing body and the second is the chief executive managers or other senior managers. Physicians are also called the leaders because they can take decisions for the patients. In a hospital, leadership group comprises the leaders of the organized medical staff. Only if these leadership groups work together, collaboratively, to exercise the organization’s leadership function, can the organization reliably achieve its goals.
A good leader should have power to explain the matters and he or she should teach the patients as well as the staff under him or her. In healthcare organizations, leader should know all the work of the employers under him.
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By this I can make people to trust me and this relation must be very strong between a physician and a patient. If the patient does not trust the physician so, he or she can refuse the treatment under his or her rights. And this will not be good for the organization.
This is very high tech era right now so as a leader it is my responsibilities to provide better facilities to the patients as well as my staff. I have to make sure that the organization has enough tools and the equipment for the patients and staff members.
As a leader I must have organizational skills when change is happening because when I join the organization as a leader, somebody already got replaced by me. People are used to work under the last leader in that organization. After joining the work, I will bring some change for the better care and improvement. I will make some new strategies to achieve the goal for the organization. So, in this scenario, people will resist the change because they are doing the same work with the same procedure from a long time and suddenly they cannot change their way but in this sensitive time I must have patience and I should give them time to adopt the new culture. I have to make them understand about the new strategies and plans so they can accept that easily.
As a leader, I should arrange meetings with the staff members regularly. By this I will get all the information about the patient and their condition. In the
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