The Leadership Of Zedong And The Communist Revolution Essay

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China’s success in the late 20th and early 21st century is attributed to the leadership of Mao Zedong and the Communist Revolution. The growing influence of Western Nations. Chairman Mao and the Communist Party evolved China from an agrarian society to an industrialized nation a short time span through social programs like the Great Leap Forward and Five Year Plan eventually resulting in a Cultural Revolution.
Dissatisfaction with the Chinese government began in the 19th century. The Qing dynasty, lasting from 1644-1912 resiliently opposed imperialism and economically relied on agriculture. Because China industrial advancement, the empire inexorably declined as the British army mobilized India and pressured the Qing Empire into trade negotiations . Qing dynasty was overthrown in 1911 by Dr. Sun Zhongshan, however, former Qing general Yuan Shiaki restored power and formed a reactionary government with leaders often referred to as warlords with strict regulations on taxes, increased poverty and vulnerability to industrialized nations. During the Warlord era, China joined the allies in World War I with hopes to restore the Shandong province after its occupation by Germany. In the end, Japan seized Shandong through a treaty with Britain causing widespread protest in China. In reaction to protests, the Chinese Communist Party was founded in 1921 by college students and intellectuals inspired by the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. The Communist Party or CCP mimicked
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