The Leadership Qualities And Characteristics That Have Impacted Me

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Introduction The purpose of this paper to is to identify an influential Army leader that has exhibited great leadership qualities and as a result of those leadership qualities, contributed to my growth and professional development as a junior enlisted Soldier and then as a non-commissioned officer (NCO). Throughout this paper, I will identify and explain the leadership qualities and characteristics that have impacted me the most. This person has demonstrated their competency and understanding of the Army values and the two basic tenets of being an NCO. The Army values are wide ranging and all-encompassing but can be summarized into seven distinct categories of loyalty, duty, respect, self-less service, honor, integrity, and personal…show more content…
My new squad leader came to the unit and within weeks was becoming involved in addressing some of the problems that were created by the leadership void. He volunteered to become our unit’s barracks NCO and instituted new rules aimed at addressing the alcohol infused parties. My leader sought and received the commander’s support to move the junior enlisted Soldiers to the first two floors of the barracks and moved the NCOs to the last two floors. He also managed to have the staff duty runner and staff duty NCO increase the number of barracks checks throughout their shifts. I do not remember exactly how much time elapsed before he invited the section out to Pizza Hut so he could explain what he expected of us and what we should demand from him. At first it seemed like one of those mandatory events that did not really serve a purpose but just seemed to take away my personal time. However, little did I know what impact this one event would have on me and stick with me throughout my career. That was an interesting concept to comprehend, the expectations versus demands. My squad leader laid out his leadership philosophy and discussed topics that ranged from military bearing and physical training to military and civilian education. It was at that moment I realized I admired and respected some of the leadership qualities he displayed. Then he went into detail about his reasoning for what he did with the barracks. He
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