The Leadership Qualities Of A Athletic Administrator

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School and athletic administrators, coaches and parents have transformed the purpose of youth participation in organized athletic programs from children/teenagers simply having fun to economic gains. Today, youth sports emulate the win at all costs philosophy of collegiate and professional sports, which has resulted in the decrease of participation and retention. The definition of success is not whether a student has improved his or her life either academically, athletically or personally by participating in sports, but instead the number of wins and championships accumulated. Coaches across all athletic arenas, professionally, collegiate, and youth are terminated for failure to produce wins and championships, yet those who choose to…show more content…
The following is a brief summary of the responsibilities of each position. The athletic director will oversee the daily operation of the athletic office, and the management of each sports program. These operations include but are not limited to the scheduling and maintenance of all athletic facilities, the budget, fundraisers, hiring of athletic personnel, maintenance of equipment, scheduling of athletic competition, coaches’ and student-athletes’ clearances, athletic personnel evaluations, and compliance with all district, school and athletic governing board policies and bylaws. To support and encourage each sports program, its coaches, student-athletes and parents. He or she will organize and lead the different department meetings held throughout the school year. The assistant athletic director will work with the athletic director to supervise the head coaches and assistant coaches of each sports program. He or she will assist in the following tasks in organizing and scheduling athletic competition, coaches’ and student-athletes’ clearances, supervision at home games, acting secretary at coaches’ meetings, and any other duties assigned by the athletic director. The primary responsibility of the athletic trainer will be the physical well-being of all student-athletes. Other duties include but are not limited to the following: Provide
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