The Leadership Skills Of The Workplace

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Innovation in the workplace is a competitive force that give businesses like Apple and Samsung a competitive advantage over other competitors. Innovation is not a new concept for businesses in the workplace, it has been around for a long time. However, businesses are focusing on innovation because they understand the key benefits of innovation. Innovation is supported in organizations through different leadership practices. Discover skills are important in the business and help drive innovation for organizations. Discovery skills have both strengths and weaknesses and can help or hurt a leader’s ability to support innovation in the workplace. It would be difficult to choose just two leadership practice that support innovation in organizations. Leslie (2009) stated that the most needed leadership skills needed now and later in the future were ; strategic planning, leading employees, inspiring commitment, managing change, being a quick learner, being resourceful and doing whatever it takes. However, the five leadership skills that are the most important to support innovation are leading people, strategic planning, inspiring commitment, managing change and employee development. Leading people is a fundamental leadership skill that is very powerful, just like the quote says, “Set the example for others”. If a leader can set an example for being innovator, the leader can also lead their direct reports to also drive innovation in their company. Leaders can both motivate and

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