The Leadership Style Of 3 Nursing Leaders

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In this essay I will discuss the leadership style of 3 nursing leaders, which I chose from Nursing Leadership DVD (Orazietti & Singh, 2014). I will then describe impact the leaders ' style has on improving nursing care, organizational processes, and inter-professional collaboration. In addition, I will provide some examples of a change process or difficult situation which leaders encountered. Finally, I will explain how I have dealt with difficult situation involving my colleague and one of physician in the hospital department where I worked. Throughout this essay I will analyze what leaders should have done differently. 3 Leaders which I have chosen were Debra Bournes from group 1 because of her political and administrative success, Mina Singh from group 2 because she is renowned for her educational style at York University, and Esther Green from group 3 because she is the sound and knowledgeable practitioner.
Debra Bournes
Debra Bournes is the Provincial Chief Nursing Officer in Ontario. As a governmental employee, she spends a lot of time influencing policies and implementing important changes related to nursing practice. Her leadership style is perceived as relational (Orazietti & Singh, 2014). Leadership is perceived as unifying people around values and constructing the social world for others around those values which helps people to get through the change (Stanley 2009; as cited in Taylor, 2009). Relational leadership is the ability to create, maintain, and
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