The Leadership Style Of A School

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A leadership style is defined by the approach of the leader in the process full of activity. The school leadership style is one of the most important and key factors in achieving team progress due to its impact on contentment, motivation, obligation, quality and the stage or level of teacher?s acting as well as its influence on the success of the students. I have realized that the main role of a leader in a school is to use the most effective leadership style so as to bring about the discharge of duties by others i.e. teachers, students, staff and parents in the most appropriate manner so as to achieve maximum success in the school. A good leader must shift his
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For instance, a task of leadership style that stresses the significance of success and good acting, yield, prosperity, evaluation of performance, supporting objectives, rewarding of performance, efficiency, quantity and quality of acting are all important for the achievements of the team and the whole organization in general. Curriculum leadership is the best leadership style for educational leaders, teachers and administrators as it strategizes on how to cover the curriculum and align it with the assessments. Therefore, curriculum leadership is essential to the improvement of school and their reforms.
Curriculum leadership

As a school leader whose duties and responsibilities are to govern the school, establish and develop its strategic direction, guiding and developing research and teaching, guiding and developing staff and managing issues related to staff and encouraging the pursuit of teaching excellence, it would be important to adopt the culture of curriculum leadership as my own personal leadership style in making sure that all the affairs of the school run smoothly and successfully and that the curriculum is well covered in time. In chapter one of Reason?s book Stop Leading Like It?s yesterday!, the author encourages the leaders to create a vision that is shared instead of the traditional way of having a vision set primarily by the building leader ?sadly, many schools operate with
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