The Leadership Style Of Leadership Styles

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1. Introduction It is suggested that leadership is a kind of ability or activity which a leader could straight affect and guide their followers to achieve certain objectives in the specific situation (John Calvin Maxwell,2011). The shifting internal elements and increasing external competitions have posed growing demanding to managers’ leadership approaches. However, managers are provided with various personalities or perspectives, accordingly, managers are not accomplishing their aims by using similar styles. The leadership style, according to Newstrom and Davis (1993), is the ways and approaches of offering targets, fulfilling plans as well as inspiring subordinates. Based on the types of individuals the leader works with and various personality traits hold by the leader, the leadership style differs. There are several leadership styles suggested by different researchers such as autocratic, democratic, laissez-fair, transactional and transformational. Some of leadership styles are no longer suit for current marketplaces especially for those organizations which want to attract talent person from all over the world and exploit global markets. Therefore, this essay aims to focus on transactional and transformational styles, then take Baidu and Google as examples to make a comparison and contrast between these two styles as well as illustrate which one may generate better outcomes than another. 2. Literature review Max Weber (1947) stated that there are three types of

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