The Leadership Styles And Behaviours Of The Ceo Of Virgin Group

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Assessment 2: Case Study Introduction Looking at the case study on leading in the 21st century, which is comprised of two short scenarios that describe situations in two very different companies, where the leadership styles and behaviours of the CEO of one company and the owner of the second company are evident on a day- to-day basis. Comparing Richard Branson’s (CEO of Virgin Group) leadership style, behaviour, and his impact on employee motivation with Terry Gou’s (Owner of Foxconn Factories) leadership style, behaviour and impact on employee motivation as well as suggesting improvements Gou could make to Foxconn to make it a more harmonious and less toxic workplace. Question 1 a) A democratic leadership style is exhibited by Richard Branson. Democratic leadership can be defined as the performance of three functions: distributing responsibility among the membership, empowering group members, and aiding the group 's decision-making process (Gastil, 1994). ‘Branson values removing barriers in the corporate hierarchy and sharing ideas and social events with his workers. Listening to others is important to Branson, particularly his employees, as is allowing them to keep motivated through applying their skills in areas and new projects he is not as good at’. By Branson doing this he is strongly aiding the group’s decision making process, and distributing responsibility between his employees whilst keeping them motivated, which are qualities evident in a democratic leader.
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