The Leadership Styles On Display

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In the workplace, there are many leadership styles on display but how do I handle working with a manager whom I feel I cannot trust. On the other hand how do I respond differently to a manager whom I believe is trustworthy? And, last we will discuss which do I prefer and why. When working with a boss whom I do not trust, I tend hold back on giving them my real opinions. I usually keep my commits, concerning day to day activities to myself. I 'm not sure if they will turn my commits or opinions around and try to use it against me in an evaluation. I also feel when your manager is not worthy of your trust, it creates a somewhat hostile working environment because you are always looking over my shoulder to see what they are observing. Another issue is not being able to go to them for guidance. I just close the communication line and work on my own program, which makes my task even harder to accomplish. And I become less creative due to the fact I don 't trust my boss will be open to change. Negative emotions, like decreased work performance, are created when there lack confidence in leaders of an organization. Some negative emotions foster anger, depression, sadness, worry, tense, regret, and jealousy (Zineldin M., 2012). If I 'm working for someone who I know doesn 't have my best interest in mind, it makes me very uncomfortable, causing me to be less productive. I will only do the bare minimum required. It 's hard to invest in someone who can 't be trusted, there is an uneasy
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