The Leadership Theory Of Servant Leadership

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Servant leadership is a leadership theory that originated from the works of Robert Greenleaf in the early 1970s (Northouse, 2016). According to the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership (2016), Greenleaf was not the first person to create the idea of serving others through leadership, but he does hold the responsibility of coining the term, and applying it to the modern world. This modernized theory focuses on the leader serving the follower, in a way that gives empowerment and satisfaction. This is accomplished through the leader having behaviors of conceptualizing, emotional healing, putting followers first, helping followers grow and succeed, behaving ethically, empowering, and creating value for the community, which is…show more content…
Students differ in their maturity level, ability to learn, motivation, priorities, personality, as well as many other factors that put them on different levels (Rajbhandari, 2014). These differences are very obvious when it comes to being in the classroom and assigning projects, and observing that some students need more help than others. It is relatively easy to label a student with the Situational Leadership Model designed by K. Blanchard, P. Zigarmi, and D. Zigarmi. The model consists of four developmental levels, which ultimately decides the leadership style to be either directing, coaching, supporting, or delegating (Northouse, 2016). In certain subjects such as math or literature, students are already divided by their level of development. In these advanced classes there may typically be students that are not in need of much support or direction, where as other classes need strong support along with high direction. With these divided classes it may be easier to apply this theory, but when applied to a mixed classroom where there may be a few students in need of the supporting category, and many students in need of the coaching category, how is it that you move those few students into delegating, and the rest into supporting? When so many students need high direction and high support, the educator will not only be spread thin, but it will be quite a challenge to improve
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