The Leadership and Government of North Korea

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North Korean believe that their leaders are saints. Kim Jong II was labeled as heaven sent by propagandists. They are suppressed by their country and are instilled in the Juche Ideology. About 154,000 North Koreans are in prison camps, there are six camps surrounded by electrical barbed wire. If you do something that the North Korean government believe is against them, your whole family will serve your punishment with you. In the camps the daily struggles are torture, slave labor, malnutrition and public execution. Approximately forty percent of prisoners die of malnutrition. The internet is unattainable with access only by granted by the government. Reporters that traveled to North Korea had to turn in their mobile phones at the border. The internet is unattainable with access only granted by the government. Items such as a ballpoint pen are considered luxury items to North Koreans. Men don’t know that women menstruate or what it even means until they reach their mid twenties. Marriage is only allowed with in your social class, which is determined by birth. North Koreans do not have much under the totalitarian system. There is no free time and even if they did have free time there is nothing to do for them to enjoy. Girls are not allowed to ride a bicycle, it is considered lascivious. Kim II Sung implemented women’s right to work, rights of free marriage and divorce and rights of sharing properties…

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