The Leadership of President Benigno Aquino Iii

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The Leadership of President Benigno Aquino III Gizelle Quinto Argosy University The Leadership of President Benigno Aquino III On June 30, 2010, Benigno Aquino III became the 15th and current President of the Philippines. He is the son of two political leaders, Senator Benigno Aquino Junior and former President Corazon Aquino. Senator Aquino was a political leader who fought for people’s freedom under the ruling of President Ferdinand Marcos. After eight years in prison and three years of self-exile in the United States, Senator Aquino returned to the Philippines only to be assassinated by a military officer immediately after he stepped off the plane (Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 2011a). President Corazon Aquino fought against…show more content…
We will design and implement an interaction and feedback mechanism that can effectively respond to your needs and aspirations” (ABS-CBN News, 2010b). His actions are based on what the people want and need. Launching a website in August 2010 further proved his dedication to hear out the public and stay connected with the Filipino people (Avendano, 2010). The country had numerous leaders who took advantage of their power and served their own needs instead of their country’s needs. President Aquino’s style of serving is one that the Filipino people are looking for. Knowing the concerns of the Filipino people helps him implement policies that will improve the country. As a leader, President Aquino leads by example and adheres to the policies himself. Nothing less is expected of his Cabinet and those who join the Filipino government (ABS-CBN News, 2010b). Soon after being voted into office, President Aquino decided not to participate in tradition by giving up housing at the extravagant Malacanang Palace intended for the president. Instead he was content with living at the Bahay Pangarap, a simpler one-bedroom home. He reasoned that living at the Bahay Pangarap is more practical, while living at Malacanang Palace would be wasteful (ABS-CBN News, 2010a). Additionally he chose his own Toyota Land Cruiser as form of transportation while giving up the official presidential limousine, firmly believing that state resources should be used cautiously
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