The Leadership of Sergey Brin Essay

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The leadership style of Sergey Brin
Outlined by Darling and Leffel (2010).There are four main leadership styles, Analyzer,Director,Creator and Connector.Person's own leadership style was developed in their early childhood.During the process,one's main interactive leadership could be affected by the environment and education that could be also influenced by the level of assertiveness and responsiveness.(Merrill and Reid,1981)The way of people how to communicate,interact and work with each other is related to his leadership style. This essay will analyse the characteristics of Sergey Brin' s leadership style of Creator and Director and discuss how he has applied in his business career,therefore make him such an effective leader in the
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That is why a successful leadership team constitute all four types of style and the number of leadership style is balance.(Peter Drucker,1973)
Of the four main leadership styles outlined by Darling and Leffel(2010),Sergry Brin, co-founder of Google,could be regarded as a Connector leadership style.Darling and Leffel(2010) stated that Connector leadership style tend to be suppotive and cooperative.they usually combines a comparatively low level of assertiveness and with a high degree of responsiveness.Additionally,they are willing help someone who need help.These individual are also easygoing,respectful and full of patient.For example,Sergey Brin has donated half a million dollars to wikipedia (Shanklin,2011).because he realized that the wikipedia company can bring benefit for he.Shanklin(2011) said that the relationship of Google and Wikipedia is like yin and yang.Google search engine people all over the word access to information on the word and wikipedia is like a place where all the information in there.When people start to

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