The Leading Cause Of Lung Cancer

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By: Maddie White

Lung Cancer. Two words that nobody wants to hear. A dreadful and frightening disease that can seriously injure a human being. A horrible disease that can kill somebody that doesn’t deserve such a thing. “Lung cancer is a serious health problem that
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My great grandpa was a brave individual who fought against lung cancer from 2014 to 2016. Most of the time he was in the doctor's office or hospital to help him get better. After he was put on different medications to help him live a longer life, he was always at his home. One day my dad came home from work. He looked really upset and didn’t seem like himself. Him and my mom told my brother, sister and I to come to the kitchen because they had bad news. “Kids, your great grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday.” My mom told us with watery eyes. “Yeah,” My dad started, “We just found out this morning.” This was very upsetting and depressing news for my family and I to hear, but we all got through it together. We did this by going to see him as much as we could, even thought he lived three hours away from
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