The Leading Causes Of Childhood Obesity

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Proposal For my research project, I will be looking into the leading causes in childhood obesity. Obesity can be defined as when an individual is really overweight in which can affect their overall health. It has come to our concern that obesity among children has become a major problem, which needs to be confronted. Childhood obesity is continually expanding instead of decreasing, which is frustrating because it’s a difficult task for children to eat healthier in society with obesity hazards. Childhood obesity is a huge problem, which has negative consequences that leads to major obese in adulthood. It’s important to inform the audiences in what ways they can partake to help combat childhood obesity. There will be a number of sources used to further expand the research done on childhood obesity. The sources used will consist of scholarly articles, academic journals, and websites. These sources will help maintain the main focus on ways to combat childhood obesity through the United States. It will as well concentrate on the leading childhood obesity health problems factors. In overall, the research will help to find the reasons why childhood obesity has become a growing trend in the United States. But it will highlight the organizations that are stepping in to help decrease or potentially end childhood obesity. Introduction The number of obese and overweight children in America has increased rapidly over the past years, and with a very low possibility of decreasing the
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