The Leading Fuel Ethanol From The United States

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POET LLC is one of the leading fuel ethanol producers in the United States, operating twenty-seven corn to ethanol plants and one of only three corn stover to ethanol plants in the United States. The success of the company has come from capitalizing on government policy. This policy under the EPA’s renewable fuel standard provides incentives in the market place. Due to this incentive along with process innovation POET has grown into an industry leader. The company has a wide range of intellectual property and is constantly pushing its employees to come up with new ideas and processes. As an Associate Research Scientist, I am able to collaborate on new ideas first hand. I see many new ideas come through the pipeline every day. Once an idea is developed it is subjected to scrutiny, it must survive benchtop experiments, economic modeling, and ultimately a run through at a research plant. Ultimately then trials are done at one of the twenty-six plants that POET manages. This whole process can be stopped at any time if an experiment fails, the economics do not make sense, or if managers decide other ideas get priority of resources.
I see firsthand that employees of POET are expected to maintain confidentiality when it comes to intellectual property. All full and part time employees are expected to sign non-disclosure, confidentiality and non-compete agreements upon hiring. POET requires employees to have a training session about their intellectual property within the first…
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