The League Of Nations And The United Nations

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Introduction The League of Nations and the United Nations are two unique forms of international governance created by world powers out of the same necessity—needing a better format of managing global conflict. However, both international organizations were created, structured, and operated under very different circumstances. For instance, the League of Nations was created during towards the end of World War I, when nations were looking for a governing body to address future global conflicts. Similarly, the United Nations formed after World II in an effort to address the shortcoming of the League of Nations, which failed to redress global security conflict and prevent the war. In essence, the League, unable to effectively intervene in the issues that created World War II, was dissolved on April 18, 1946, and in its place, the United Nations grew to govern international situations (Northwestern, 2015). In this paper, I compare the founding documents, membership, and the authority of both the League of Nations and the United Nations, showing how the United Nations is an improved institution, better equipped to address global consensus and conflict. Finally, I address a current global security event involving the United Nations, specifically how the Security Council addresses these matters. Founding Documents Creation of the League of Nations and the Covenant The League of Nations was created after World War I, when national leaders “Lord Robert Cecil in Britain, Jan Christian
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