The League Of Nations Of The United States

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The League of Nations, established in 1920, was in some respects responsible for the outbreak of war in 1939. Many argue it was the sole reason for the war; however it only played a small role in the already critical situation in Europe in the 1930’s. The policy of Appeasement, fascist ideologies throughout Germany and Italy and the Nazi-soviet Aggression pact were all, in their own respect responsible for the outbreak of war in 1939. The League of Nations played a small role in the outbreak of war. The two key nations involved in the league were Britain and France, however, as Posselt states one key weakness of the league was that the USA was not involved. The leagues policy of collective security meant that nations would co-operate to preserve peace to avoid an upscale war, following the losses of ww1. The league had no form of military body, relying on its power to condemn aggressors. The League of Nations policy of Collective security proved incapable of dealing with fascist aggression. Manchuria, Abyssinia and the Spanish civil war were all serious blows to the credibility of the League of Nations. In 1931, Japanese armies invaded Manchuria, a large region in north Eastern Asia. The league intervened but no peaceful solution was found representing its first major failure. In 1935, Mussolini’s attack on Abyssinia proved to be another failure for the league as they failed to preserve the sovereignty of the nation. The league only put weak sanctions against Italy, as they
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