The Leap Short Story

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A title defines a whole body of text and suggests various interpretations. However, an author may want the title to relay a significant message that is to be revealed under both literal and symbolic meanings. Louise Erdrich wrote a short story, The Leap, which contains both literal and symbolic meanings between the title and text.
First, the literal meaning of The Leap means jumping across a large area to an extended height and power which could describe one’s abilities and character. The story is narrated by a girl who describes how she owes her existence to her mother, Anna Avalon. The narrator describes, “It has occurred to me that the catlike precision of her movements in old age might be the result of her early training,” (Erdrich,
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Anna’s brave nature is proven through her actions, and in this case, by a heroic leap to save her daughter’s life. These examples present the literal meaning of The Leap, as a leap is done for different intentions, but define a person’s trait or traits simultaneously.
Furthermore, The Leap carries hidden symbolic meanings as well, in a way that the reader can interpret the symbolic character development of the short story. For instance, the narrator flashes back, “My mother once said that I’d be amazed at how many things a person can do within the act of falling. Perhaps, at the time, she was teaching me to dive off a board at the town pool,” (2). This leap in character development is portrayed from the narrator herself, as she was gaining the experience of being clueless about how to think in the midst of falling, until her mother taught her one possible action to take within the act of falling. When the narrator’s mother had burnt her hand upon grabbing onto a hot metal pole, “her palms were burned so terribly that once healed they bore no lines, only the blank scar tissue of a
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