The Learner On The Mainstream School : Discuss The Nature Of An Esl Learner And The Cultural Considerations Teachers

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The ESL learner in the mainstream school: Discuss the nature of an ESL Learner and the cultural considerations teachers need to be aware of which may impact on the learner’s second language acquisition and, therefore, inform classroom practice. As Australia continues to become a multicultural country schools and educators are getting more students who have English as a second language (ESL) in their classrooms. It is important that educators have an understanding about ESL students so they are able to teach them English while providing them with a quality education like every student is entitled. When looking at the nature of an ESL student it must firstly be defined. In doing this it must be understood that even though there is one…show more content…
This is to ensure that ESL students are supported and included in the classroom and so they can simultaneously learn in school as well as in English. The definition of an ESL student goes beyond that of a student who has English as a second language. It is actually a broad term and covers a diverse group of students all with different circumstances this includes culture, background and any other languages they speak other than English. All ESL students may also have different levels of English. Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (2013, p.3)affirms this by stating that these “students are a diverse group, of different ages, at different stages of learning English, from differing first language backgrounds and with varying amounts of education in their language.” An ESL student can be a person who was born in a different country as well as born in Australia who has been brought up with a different language and culture such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2014). ESL students can also come with different education levels such as no schooling, limited or interrupted and an education at their appropriate level but in a different language. Even when ESL students have attended schools in another country they may still be at different levels as their schooling system may differ
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