The Learning Activity Chosen Is For Year 3 Students

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The learning activity chosen is for year 3 students, having the children chose a book they have read and enjoyed and get them to write up a book report detailing the Main characters, what happens at the start of the book, middle of the book and at the end along with the child’s personal connection with the book, what they think may happen to the characters after the story has finished and if they like the book or not and if they would recommend it to others. They will need to use the form provided to describe the main characters in the books and give an overview of what happens in the start, middle and end of the book. The children will also be required to explore the personal connection they have with the book and what they thought of the…show more content…
This learning activity has the students looking more deeply into their chosen book using a more critical mind rather than just enjoying the book for its basic story line. It has them taking note of what is happening at each stage of the book and why these events are taking place, then taking this information they have gathered and developing a written report to convey their thoughts and ideas in the book along with developing the skills necessary to produce a piece of writing that is easy to read and understand for the reader. This activity also has a lot of hidden features to the task, such as using the correct grammar, development of sentence structure and use of creative thinking to make the piece interesting to the reader. The following is the grading scale to be used for the described learning activity: Grade ACELT1599 Discuss how language is used to describe the settings in texts, and explore how the settings shape the events and influence the mood of the narrative ACELY1678 Identify the audience and purpose of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts and with ACELY1680 Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning and begin to evaluate texts by drawing on a growing knowledge of context, text structures and language features A Student shows an excellent understanding of language and how it is used in their chosen
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