The Learning Approach For Learning

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i. At one time or another, in an individuals’ working life, they will be expected to learn about at least one aspect of operations the of the company in which they are employed with. Burns (1995, p 99) ‘conceives of learning as a relatively permanent change in behaviour with behaviour including both observable activity and internal processes such as thinking, attitudes and emotions.’ Learning is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught.’ Therefore, if we are to take into consideration these two viewpoints, we can deduce that there is more than one approach to learning. The learning approach used will vary due to several factors which can include the size of the business or what should be learned. This can include taking a training course or learning from others using the methods such as coaching and shadowing Stone FM (2007, p 2) defines coaching as ‘the task of continually developing employees so that they do their jobs well.’ In my current place of employment coaching is normally undertaken by a more senior employee who has demonstrated a clear understanding of aims of the company and understands the importance of ensuring that the right practices are carried out and the right information is passed on as inaccuracy and the dissemination of incorrect information leads to bad practices which in some cases may lead to monetary losses for the business. When carried out correctly, coaching in my
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