The Learning Environment

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1. The learning environment is dynamic and will be different for each training situation. Among the individual variables that can impact the learning environment include personality traits (especially extraversion) and communication styles. Personality traits and differences among individual participants will be most evident in the first few hours, or perhaps sessions, of the training because the participants have not yet had time to relax into their new environment. Learning styles will also be different among the participants, which will showcase personality trait differences even more. A trainer can easily work with a variety of people and different learning and personality styles by developing a dynamic and diverse training system. The learning environment should be one that promotes inclusivity, to allow different types of people to have the opportunity to engage in the training. Communication styles can create problems, which trainers do need to understand when designing the learning environment. Ensuring that people can interact with the trainer and provide feedback will minimize problems that arise when people do not express their concerns openly. Listening carefully to all participants, even when they have a complaint, is essential.
Environmental factors that impact the learning environment range from temperature to aesthetics. Participants need to be comfortable during training, or else their concentration will wane. Therefore, temperature needs to be maintained
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