The Learning Environment Of For Online Instruction

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Introduction . This writer will critique methodologies used by scholar-practitioners and compose responses identifying best practices in educational research. In reviewing the research for these five empirical articles, this writer identified pertinent scholarly articles that dealt with social constructivism and eLearning. In all of the articles, the authors placed great emphasis upon the learner- centered approach. From the gleanings of the information researched, it is what we (practitioners) do with the information, and how we as (learners) construct knowledge that is relevant and important to eLearning. Some of the Best Practices that are considered priority practices are installing the correct learning content management system, consistency, targeted audience, creation of a team for social communications, training, and encouragement for all stakeholders. Electronics is the learning environment of for online instruction. All of these empirical discussions involved collaboration and learner participation. After all, eLearning is fundamental.
Part One : Articles
According to the researchers Sultan, Woods, & Koo (2011) digital learning is a constructivist approach for improving learning management systems for the learner population for the Malaysian School System. The title of the work is- A Constructivist Approach for Digital Learning: Malaysian Schools Case Study. From a constructivist point of view, this study described learners who were building upon prior…
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