The Learning Environments Of Children

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nca Gonzalez Betsy Wilson December 6, 2015 ECE 1 Philosophy Paper The learning environments of children are highly important since it’s the beginning chapter to their full on life development. My philosophy of Early Childhood Education is based on the belief that learning is an important part of their everyday lives. Later on in my career as an early childhood teacher or the field I end up choosing I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of young children. I will try to create the best learning styles in order for the children to fully succeed and I will learn from them too. When you have a loving support system children will learn the best because family is everything as an adolescent, a child needs to feel loved and supported. Children learn best when there is communication and consistency between home and school according to Feeney, Moravcik, and Nolte (2016, p.316). Nurturing relationships in a family are important for the healthy development of a child. If a child feels safe, secure, and loved in their family, it helps with the formation of their self-esteem and well-being. Emotionally it can impact a child’s development if they don’t have a supportive family, just like when I was in elementary I remember having classmates that didn’t have either their mom or dad. Although it’s part of life, as a child you’re very curious why it had to be your own life to be without one or both parents and sometimes won’t really understand until adulthood when
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