The Learning Of The Classroom

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Introduction When planning a lesson in the classroom it is extremely important to keep in mind all the needs of the students in the classroom. Every student has their own level of learning and some have major needs that may need some adaptations in the lesson plan. Currently, all my lessons follow along with the fourth grade curriculum with sixteen students in the classroom. There are three students in the classroom that have specific needs. One female student has an IEP that calls for 120 minutes of services. These services include small group settings in which the student received a high degree of focused attention on each content area. Two male students are both considered English Language Learners. The first ELL student is considered to be a level 3 WIDA at his previous school. He is currently being evaluated for a possible IEP. He receives four 40 minute sessions of background building for all content areas per week. This student also has seizure every so often, which may impact his learning. The second ELL student is speaking at a level 6, writing at a level 2 and reading at a level 1 with an overall score of 2.8. He recently joined the HMLS but immediately started receiving four 40 minute background building sessions per week. At the request of his parents, he is also being evaluated for an IEP. Besides these three students, there are other students who receive tutoring within the classroom. There are five students who receive math tutoring on Mondays Wednesdays and
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