The Learning Theories Of English Language Education

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This qualitative study is designed to answer the following primary question: What are the learning theories of English language education that are used in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan and Israel? This question will branch into the following three secondary questions: 1- What are the sociocultural and socio- economic, gender, literacy, political conflict, religion, race, political stability, religion, sexual identity aspects and their influence in English language education in an extra ordinary and a challenging learning environment? 2- What are the strategies used to deal with refugee students limited English language literacy with relevance to previous leanings and prior experiences that influence their current English language acquisition? 3- What is the contextual and relational nature of the students’ identity in the refugees’ schools? My interest in this study stems from my bilingual, political and social background. My birth and rowing up in Jerusalem in the seventies of the last century made me aware of certain historical wars that led the Palestinians to flee from their homeland in Palestine in 1948 and 1967, Lebanon in 1970 and Syria in 2011 enhanced my understand about Palestinian Refugees dilemmas including education. Additionally, this topic is relevant to my ESL teaching background and being an instructor who taught English as a second language in the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf countries between 1985-2011. I am highly motivated and
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