The Learning Theories of Skineer, Brunner and Maslow.

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A DISCUSSION ON THE LEARNING THEORIES OF SKINNER, BRUNER AND MASLOW AND THEIR IMPACT ON EDUCATION AND MY FUTURE TEACHING PRACTICE. ASSIGNMENT 1: GTP In reviewing the process of learning theories a definition of learning would appear to be a fundamental focus point from which to initiate discussion. Without the knowledge of how we learn, how are we to understand its importance for learners and their abilities to grasp the information being given? This definition of learning implies three objectives: 1. that learning must change the student in some way; 2. that this change comes about as a result of experience; 3. that this is a change in the student’s potential behaviour; Cohen et al. (2003:15) I intend to explore…show more content…
Even when disciplinary procedures were necessary, both negative and positive reinforcement strategies were used. The student was given the choice of a consequence, but chose to get back on task. This behaviour was noted by the teacher as she thanked the student for making the right choice. This could also be considered as praise for his actions, therefore representing a positive reinforcement. ‘Control over pupils’ learning by a teacher is seen to depend upon the teachers arranging the appropriate reinforcement to be contingent upon the desired pupil behaviour’. (Kyriacou 1996:28). However, it could be said that there is a danger in this theory in that motivating students in this way could lead to rewards for a student who is attention-seeking. Avoiding this can only be achieved by understanding the individual needs of each student in the classroom and being sensitive to the student’s social context and values, therefore, determining what actions constitute reinforcement. An implication for my future practice would be to use student data to help me understand what needs I may have to meet in my classroom management plan. The school where I am based uses the SIMS computer programme to record data and all behaviours, achievements and any special educational needs. By accessing this data I will be able to set targets for achievement especially in the

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