The Learning Tree Is Among The Most Influential Films Directed By Gordon Parks

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The Learning Tree is among the most influential films directed by Gordon Parks. The film was produced and released in 1969 by Warner Bros-Seven Arts. The genre concentrates on the story of an African-American growing up in the United States during the late 1920s and early 1930s. Across the globe, racial discrimination is a challenge that prevents socialization and extensive interaction among different ethnic groups. During that particular time, racial discrimination was a major problem in most parts of the United States and having other ethnic groups in the region resulted in some conflicts and sanctions (Parks). The film is among the first to be directed by an African-American, and its significance can be felt currently in most parts of the world. To achieve globalization, people should steer clear of racial discrimination to promote the sharing of ideas and enhance borderless communication. This paper gives an in-depth analysis into the allegorical meaning and the cultural politics presented by the film. It highlights some cultural, historical and aesthetic significance and is preserved by the Library of Congress in the United States (Gilroy 11). Though there are some films with the same theme, the Learning Tree provides an excellent analysis since it covers a greater margin and gives the viewers the most direct information on discrimination. It also presents a comparison between different political and social spheres of life.
By now, the dramatic decline in Black male…

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