The Leaving Essay

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Are you going to come back? You can be a strong beautiful woman and not even realize it, people may take advantage of you and you may not even see it, they will abuse you and you will not stand up for yourself. Each time it happens you just let it slip, then when I gets to be enough, you need space and time to walk away, rethink things through and to make sure what you are doing is right. In this short story by Budge Wilson “The Leaving” the reader sees the main character Elizabeth as one in a million, while her husband Lester only appeared to be pigheaded and demanding, while Elizabeth would do almost anything for her family. She is warm hearted, uneducated and strong. First, in “The Leaving”, Elizabeth most desirable characteristic…show more content…
Took me near a year. Finished it last Thursday,”” Said Elizabeth. (Wilson113) Finally, Elizabeth is a strong character. Even though Lester was stubborn and demanding she still loved him and her children. She could not bare to live a single day without them, by her side although they were old enough to be on their own. She was strong enough to leave them all behind except for Sylvie just once as a test for Lester; he passed. “”Ma” I said. She turned and looked at me. “Ma. Why are we leavin’?” she did not answer right away. It crossed my mind she might not be sure of the reason herself. This was a frightening thought. But apparently she knew. “I plans t’do some thinkin’,” she said.”” (Wilson108). Her strong character was manifest once she arrived home after her three day trip away from home. “”I watched my mother. During the laughter, I could see her retreat for a minute behind her eyes, the expressionless, lifeless, beaten. Then she took a deep breath and look at him directly, squarely, with no fear in her face. Pain, yes, but no fear.”” (Wilson115) Her reaction towards the way Lester reacted once she got home was completely unexpected, she finally stood up to him, and she was strong enough to look him in the eye. Therefore Elizabeth is

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