The Lecture Of Mission And Culture

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A REFLECTION PAPER ON THE LECTURE OF MISSION AND CULTURE NOTES ON THE ROAD MORE TRAVELLED: DOING THEOLOGY IN A US CULTURAL CONTEXT Mission and culture have always been inseparable in doing theology in any cultural context. They have always been considered imperatives in the ministry of touching lives. The talk of Fr. John J. Markey, OP on October 12, 2015, at the Catholic Theological Union auditorium had highlighted essential insights and realizations regarding mission and culture in the cultural context of the United States. It highlighted pressing concerns on the following issues: mission and culture, inculturation and Christian traditions. Contextualization in terms of understanding theology had been pointed out as well as an important part of the mission. The first insight that prompted me to reflection is about the liberation theology in the US context. According to Fr. Markey, such theology sprouted as a response to the cry of the poor who were being marginalized, enslaved and oppressed in the society. This reality had ignited active conversion in them. They were more challenged to examine their lives before God. How about me? Have I examined my life lately? How has this examination impacted the kind of life that I am living right now? These questions led me to the second thought, which speaks of the “Theology of Conversion.” Fr. Markey mentioned that in a culture that is driven by egocentrism, each one is called to see and experience the world through the other
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