The Lecture On Domestic Violence Essay

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The Lecture taken by ‘Shine’ explored the changes and influences of the Domestic Protection Act, 1982 and the Domestic Violence Act, 1996. The presentation put emphasis on the law and systems in dealing with domestic violence. Included also in the lecture, was the analysis of protection orders and police interference. Protection orders are in practice for the urgent safety of the victims of domestic violence. They are applied for through the family court with evidence of domestic violence or potential danger (Morden, 2016). The lecture also demonstrated that the law does not tolerate even single acts of abuse and takes procedures very seriously. The various acts are in place and are continually improving to protect New Zealanders that may be in danger of abuse.

The first reading, ‘Gender bias, fathers’ rights, domestic violence and the Family court’, argues that laws regarding domestic violence are bias towards men. This accusation is supported by the accessibility that women have to use or misuse protection orders. The law gives women the opportunity to give themselves immediate custody over their children and property (Davis & Powell, 2004). The gender bias against men is also given credibility by the large proportion of fathers denied access to their children at all. However, this legislation has proved to be positive as the majority of cases prove that danger is most prominent when the partner leaves the abuser. The question of whether the law is beneficial for the
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