The Leeds Murderer Case

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The Case Leanne Tiernan was born in September of 1984 and was the younger of two girls. Although her parents had separated, she had a close family and was a happy and content child. In 2000, Leanne lived with her mother and sister in the Bramley district in west Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Bramley is an area that’s mainly residential, one with lots of history, local culture, and a strong local community. The 26th of November, 2000, began like every other Sunday for sixteen year-old Leanne and her family. Leanne routinely had her morning breakfast, went to Sunday school, and then joined her grandmother in the church. That day, Leanne and her fifteen year-old friend Sarah Whitehouse had decided to take a trip to Leeds city centre to do some early Christmas shopping. Leanne was last seen when she parted ways with Sarah when she set off along an unlit path through an area of wooded wasteland known as Houghley Gill. Sharon, Leanne’s mother, tried calling her at 5:20p.m., but there was no answer. At 7p.m., Sharon called the police and filed a missing person’s inquiry. The police, under the management of Detective Superintendent Chris Gregg, immediately began searching the area where Leanne was last seen. Unfortunately, the police did not find Leanne or anything that would link her to the area. Thus began the thorough search of Houghley Gill’s surrounding area. The police searched over 1,000 properties and everything that they came across along what was Leanne’s designated

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