The Left And The Right Wing

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The left and the right wing are always being compared to each other. It’s always been the battle between the opinions and the views of the far right and the far left. Even to this day, they are separated and always put in situations where they bounce ideas back and forth. Now, what this essay will focus on is not the differences between both sides but the differences and similarities within the far right, as well as the far left. We will not be comparing the right and the left, but rather the right to the right. Reactionaries and traditional conservatives, they are both in the far right but they are from different era’s. Would they still have the same point of views or are they slightly different? How exaggerated will their ideas be considering that both ideologies were influenced by the same principles. Would they have the same methods and goals? Are they all the same, that there 's no point in finding the differences between a traditional conservatives and a reactionary? Or are they simply contradicting themselves?
Looking at the radical side of the political spectrum we are faced with the theories of Karl Marx, who rejected the idea of a capitalist form of government due to the inequalities that it comes with. He believed in scientific socialism, and published the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Which lays out his theories of social and economic principles, along with how to approach the conflict between class struggle. He believed that workers, especially those who work
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