The Legacies of Slavery and Reparations Essay

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The Legacies of Slavery and Reparations

Reparations? Just the term stirs up controversy, along with endless amounts of questions that are still to be answered. Should reparations be awarded? Is it feasible? Who should receive it? In what forms should it be given? These are only a few of the most important questions that need to be answered. To answer these questions, I will draw on the research conducted for my country study and the panel debates that were conducted over the past weeks. To fully understand my reasoning you must be informed of the approaches discussed on both sides of these debates.
The pro-reparation panel's approach to subject was a very traditional method of thought having a tangible value. They argued that
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Through all this they were separated from family, forced to conform to norms of an unfamiliar society, and stripped of their language and culture. They used these reasons and the idea that, selling of humans for any reason, was immoral as their main justification for reparations. They also mentioned, but did not argue, what legacies of slavery contributed to the underdevelopment of the African American society. I do agree that some legacies have contributed to current socio-economic situation, but not to its' entirety. I believe the most influential legacy of slavery contributing to the underdevelopment of the African American society is not physical working slavery, but slavery of the mind.
Before I explain my reasoning, understand that I in no way would wish slavery on any people. One could only imagine what it would be like to live as a slave. I was to simply analyze both sides of the panel's debate and draw a conclusion based on the arguments presented. Based on the arguments presented, I deliver my opinion that reparations should not be awarded to those ancestors of the Atlantic Slave trade. I do agree with the pro-reparations panel that slave trade was and is still wrong. The selling of humans is not human and should not be tolerated. I firmly believe that slavery even though
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