The Legacy Countee Cullen 's Impact On The Era Of Segregation

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The legacy Countee Cullen, constructed, has made one of the biggest impacts on the era of segregation. The message Cullen was capable of imposing through poetry to all races makes you believe he was destined to be the best. The struggles the African American, race was experiencing is exposed through Countee Cullen’s, work. He brought new respect and awareness to the black race; through poems like “Heritage”, “Fruit of The Flower,” and “Incident”. The fact Cullen was educated by whites yet, his ideas were shaped by black ideas made him capable of appealing to both races. This made him much of an economic figure. Countee Cullen was born on 30 March 1902, a time period in which the African Americans were fighting for equality. Cullen experienced harsh poverty as a kid; at times his mother was so broke she couldn’t even afford to buy him a boys pare of clothes. Unfortunately his mother was forced to make Cullen, where women’s clothes that didn’t fit him. The pain and struggle was expressed with much feeling through his poems. Poems like “Incident,” captured the harsh disrespect, and neglect African Americans was experiencing during this time. At the beginning of the poem he expresses he was “Heart-filled, head-filled with glee,” (Lines 1-2), at the time of the poem he was only eight and newly moved to Baltimore. He states he attempted to say hello to another white boy his age while riding his bike, the boy called him a nigger and stuck his tong out. Cullen only lived in…
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