The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was was taller than average for his time. He was born in February of 1809 to a well off family. At six four he was considered to be a homely man. So much so that he was once told by a young girl that it may help if he grew a beard. For the man that is most famous for freeing the slaves he didn’t meet one until he reached adulthood. When he did he knew right away that he needed to stop it. He got his beliefs about slavery from his father Thomas, who also didn’t believe in it either. When he was nine his mother died, and that hit him hard. He was very close to her. That didn’t stop him from bonding with his step mother, however, when his father remarried a women with three kids. His step mother was a huge advocator for reading and learning. He was a very hard worker, chopping logs and helping his father around their land. He also became a hard worker at school when him and his step sister started going. He went as far as making himself a work board to do out problems for himself. After that he developed a love of reading, and did it a lot. One of his favorite books was about the life of George Washington. One thing among many that was different about him was he didn’t join a church. He hated the way they acted and treated each other. He didn’t like that they had so many rivalries between the churches. He had a talent at an early age for words. He spoke to people and it made them forget the awkward young man they saw, and his talent created an entirely new

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