The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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According to Martin Luther King Jr., “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals”. Slavery was a struggle that America had to overcome in the 1800s in order for America to progress. At the time, slaves were also going through hard times by getting separated from their families and going through excessive hard work on the plantations. Even though it was a struggle for the north, and the slaves, but not for the south since it was a benefit for them. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was put into the Presidential office and would have a major impact on our nation by affecting slavery forever. One of the major conflicts in America 's rise as a nation was slavery. President Abraham Lincoln started to be concerned about the direction of slavery in America, and was determined to abolish it forever. Slavery was a negative and positive concept, since it got work done for all the Confederates who owned slaves. For example, slavery helped with labor, but the north disagreed with this, since it was unfair. In Eric Foner’s, “The Civil War and Slavery: A Response”, he states notes that, “Actions of slaves decisively shaped the politics of the Confederacy” (93). By having the slaves, “decisively shaped the politics” shows that Confederates are starting to depend on slaves to do their work for them in the South. For example, slaves are mostly

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